Total Body Wellness Appointments

Total Body Wellness Appointments

In an effort to serve patients better, we are now offering a new appointment style called Total Body Wellness Appointments.

When a patient comes in for an appointment, in the past they have scheduled as either a ‘Chiropractic patient’ or a ‘Nutrition patient’. I would do a Chiropractic adjustment or a nutritional analysis. But really, what I’ve come to find is the patient that is coming in to see me is hurting or having some symptom that concerns them and would like me to help them. They do not have the training and background I do and therefore should not be expected to know what the best route to start with is. My solution to this problem is coming in the form of ‘Total Body Wellness Appointments’ which allows patients to schedule for an allotted time instead of a specific treatment. During that time, I will do my best to make sure the patient(s) receive the best possible care during the time scheduled for based off of what they are presenting with.

For example, someone comes in and is experiencing wrist pain. Their pain, may seem like a structural issue, could actually be a nutritional problem due to the muscles being in spasm from not having enough magnesium in their diet, or possibly the ligaments are unstable due to a highly acidic diet. It could also be due to the fascia having tension/torsion in it over the wrist area, causing the nerves to be irritated as a result. So, if it was either primarily a nutritional issue or a fascial issue, an adjustment might still help, but would not be getting at the root issue.
Or it could be any combination of these as well. By scheduling a Total Body Wellness Appointment, we would be able to determine what their body needs to heal the wrist.
Another example would be if a patient schedules for 20 minutes and the priority is that they are needing an adjustment and we would likely still have time left over, we could also do some myofascial work or check some nutritional reflexes, or go over some exercises to help with their healing as well.

By scheduling for an allotted time, this will also allow families to schedule for one block of time for everyone to get treatment. Instead of scheduling an appointment for Jordan, Steph, Lydia, Kora, and Adriel, an appointment for 40 minutes can be scheduled and we can do as much as the time will allow. Depending on how much care is involved for each person, some may take longer and some shorter amounts of time.

This way of scheduling will ultimately allow patients to get the best possible care every single time they come in, leading to better results, and better overall health. This change is all in an effort to help you have Total Body Wellness, wellness of the Body, Soul, Mind, and Spirit so you can do whatever it is you are called to do.

If you have any questions regarding this new change, please feel free to contact me via text, phone, or email.

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