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Total Body Wellness Center Update:

After a serious consideration and in line with the recommendations of our State and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we have decided to continue to suspend all non-essential in-person services until further notice. Your health and well-being are so important to us and we want to do our part to make sure that everyone is protected.
However, there have been some very exciting developments over the past weeks. I haven’t stopped learning and have been seeking God for how to best help during this time without putting you or my family at risk. Morphgenic Field Technique (the nutrition testing technique I use) hosted a webinar recently to teach us how to test patients at a distance and gave us new tools to use. So what that means for you is that I can do Nutrition Testing virtually by a process called Quantum Entanglement with a new test vial that has the energy of this new virus.
Quantum entanglement is the phenomenon whereby a pair of particles are generated in such a way that the individual quantum states of each are indefinite until measured, and the act of measuring one determines the result of measuring the other, even when at a great distance from each other. In Quantum Entanglement two ‘particles’ act together in an entangled system. This means they behave like one object even though they are physically apart. It suggests that the space that separates them gives the illusion that they are separate objects, when they can be considered one. For this to occur, the conditions are set in such a way that changes to one are reflected intstantly in the other, even if they are light-years apart.
If that didn’t fully make sense to you that is ok. You don’t have to be a quantum physicist for this to work. I have done some testing with my family and this new testing is spot on and works very well to determine a nutritional protocol.
As of now I am taking one appointment/one family per day Monday through Friday and that can be set up by texting me at (651) 538-0409. Nutrition Testing will now be $45 per person and will go back to a ‘per-service fee system’, since I am really only able to do that one service now. As always, if you are in a tough financial situation and need to get tested, please reach out and we can try to work something out for your situation.
If you have any questions, feel free to call me and I will get back to you when I am able. I am looking forward to serving you and your family with your health and well-being.

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