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The way we do appointments has now changed to Total Body Wellness Appointments. So now when you schedule your appointment, you will schedule for a time slot with Dr. Steph. During this time, Dr. Steph will listen to what you have going on and evaluate what type of care will be best for you. If you are a current patient and only have had a chiropractic or nutrition exam you can talk to Dr. Steph individually about this and come up with a plan that will fit your situation.
If you have a strong preference about the type of care you receive or have an idea about what you are needing that day- please put a comment in when you schedule your appointment.

These appointments may be used for multiple people as well. For example, a 20 or 40 minute wellness appointment can be used for a parent and child, or even a couple friends to get whatever care they need within the time frame scheduled.

For those of you who are new patients, note that you are coming to Dr. Steph’s home office.
When you pull into the driveway-please feel free to park anywhere along the drive, but be mindful other patients may need to get in and out as well.

Come into the kitchen area and you will find symptom forms to fill out on the counter. (for those of you used to seeing Dr. Steph at Scandia Chiropractic this is her version of the iPad check-in). Then you can wait on the porch or at the table and Dr. Steph will come and get you when she is ready.

I look forward to helping you on your healthcare journey.
*Note: Dr. Steph has chosen not to be a provider for Medicare insurance in Wisconsin and therefore cannot adjust patients who have Medicare insurance. ¬†Therefore, if you have Medicare insurance, you may only receive services not provided by Medicare due to Medicare’s rules. Thank you.

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