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Dear patients,

I wanted to update you all on some big changes with Total Body Wellness Center.  I, Dr. Steph, will be taking some time off to focus on my health.  As some of you know, I am pregnant and expecting a baby to join us in August!  We are so thrilled with this little blessing and cannot wait for him/her to arrive.  However, I am also dealing with some other health issues on top of the pregnancy, which has led me to the decision to take the rest of 2022 off from office hours.   This decision did not come easily or lightly, but in order for myself and my family to be well, I know it is necessary.

This is definitely not goodbye forever, but your presence here in our home office will be missed! You have all been so respectful to our home and my family throughout these past four years.  So thank you for your grace and understanding through this transition.

I highly encourage you all to continue chiropractic care and nutritional care at my dad’s office in Scandia, MN.  You can just let them know you’re one of my patients and he will pick up where I left off.  He is an amazing chiropractor and I know he will take great care of you.  He uses the same style of adjusting and nutrition testing that I do, so you should get a very similar experience.  He also can do virtual nutrition appts, so feel free to use that option if it’s hard to get out there.

I’m praying God gives you all the wisdom you need to take care of your health moving forward.

Be Well,

-Dr. Steph D.C.

Total Body Wellness Center

****No appointments available until further notice.  See above for details.